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-Do It- by Fealasy -Do It- by Fealasy
"I fucking sparkle when I destroy their face
tender power poses and leaving without a trace
the shackles break and I am free
of morale, laws, money and responsebility
I smile so hard that my teeth crack and shatter
finally their opinions won't matter
I'll do it, goddamn do it"

(oh... grrr.) :P

yea.. Random-pissy-encouragement-to-do-what-you-want-lala-draw.

(Look! She's eating their hearts because she doesn't have one herself.) *points n giggels like a doom-muffin*
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UnbearableME Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
he deep :/
Jabborwocky Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
You are so genius
perhoart Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2007
Flotte bilder!!!
the-weazle Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007
That's cool, I pretty much like everything about the demon-beast in the middle.
brunoxyz Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007
very representative..
Froem Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
El-Jando Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007   Traditional Artist
damn, love all your work, youre so frigging awsome, if i can i just fav all your works, but if i have to choose, well i pick this one, cuz it express a lot of things, i love your style and your way to see the world, im just amased, and well nothing else to say...
epichammond Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
I like your work... great!
epichammond Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
I like your work... great!
hell-on-a-stick Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007  Professional Writer
yes. yes we should.
silvasteelx Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2007
if i was half as good as you my life would be forfilled, your fuckin sick
Goretoon Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007  Professional General Artist
woooooooooooooooooowwwwwww you are soo god (i sentirme to much honrado for you opinion about mi camello(work))
robherr Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007
Very Zimish!
ZurdoM Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007
sick sick sick sick!! in a good way
lahandi Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2007
This should have 'daily deviation' at that time! :wow: :wow: :wow:
Infrunitas Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Wonderful work. The coloring is masterful with such an amazing piece.

-and we're left with a nation ran by corperations.
Jonias Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
I really do enjoy your work. It always says so many things at once.

On a side note, I never thought a person was dumb because they believed in something. I'll trust a person more if they have a moral code. Nihilists are only good at serving their own purposes, which makes them useless to the world around them- they have no definition of the greater good.
dustbin12 Featured By Owner May 18, 2007   Photographer
what a time.
Ah, this brightened up my day so much, even though I've looked at it quite a few times before. Excellent work as always. (Insert lots of psychotic laughter here)
Liveandlearn1 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2007
Do you relize what evil you are promoting here? This is scary and frightening... It's like when you walk outside on a winter night, automacically you are freezing, it's like this right now. I can feel the evil in this piece. I really think you should say a prayer or talk to God. HE Is always there, and is a God of seconed chances. Just a question, is a demon going to give you a seconed chance!? NO. They are going to possess you in evil and frightening ways, and you will not be happy. You know what will give you true happiness? Sending those demons back to hell and Loving God and others. I'm praying for you and all the other Christian haters, because your only going to go to Hell that way. Hell is..torture.. But Heaven, is True Paradise. I'm praying for you.
brunoxyz Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007

He sewed his eyes shut because he is afraid to see
He tries to tell me what I put inside of me
He's got the answers to ease my curiosity
He dreamed a God up and called it Christianity
God is dead and no one cares
If there is a hell I'll see you there
He flexed his muscles to keep his flock of sheep in line
He made a virus that would kill off all the swine
His perfect kingdom of killing, suffering and pain
Demands devotion atrocities done in his name
God is dead and no one cares
If there is a hell I'll see you there
Your God is dead and no one cares
If there is a hell I'll see you there
God is dead and no one cares
If there is a hell I'll see you there your God is dead
God is dead and no one cares
And no one cares drowning in his own hypocrisy
And if there is a hell I will see you see you there

Burning with your God in humility
Will you die for this?

sugarpolyp Featured By Owner May 7, 2007  Student Artist
its art dude.
take a chill pill.
feal aint so possesed freak.
Twisted-Otaku Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2007
Actually I thought hell was kinda like... you know living in the absence of God... which I think most people are doing right now and coping with it. Have you been to Hell? Have you seen it? visited the souvenier shoppe? No, you've just read a what amounts to a pamphlet about it. It's people like you that helped me get out of organized religion, so yeah thank you for saving more people from God with this assinine rant. Why would you even bother bringing religion up in a place like this, on a peice like this anyways? The only thing you said about the peice is that it was spooky, which you have to give credit to the creator because she illicited some sort of emotional response from you. Gah, I'm done, my head hurts
Fealasy Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
My "demon" gave me lots of second chances, he was there when all other turned their backs on me and he will be there when I die, I won't die alone, he has proven himself many times...
"Demons are selfish creatures", he told me, but he is a part of me, therefore he loves me as much as he loves himself and I love him because he treasures what I keep inside, and he doesn't want to change or manipulate me, he doesn't have laws and fake morale that keeps me down.

The church is just another human expression of fear and manipulation, an outdated fairytale to keep fragile minds from thinking too much at the best. In my childhood the local priest warned my friends about me and mocked me in front of them just because I didn't want to pray to their god, so I was left alone and bullied for most of my childhood years. So I'd be damned, if I should give some religion, controlled by blinded and greedy apes, a second chance. I have my own free "faith" and my own values, nothing in this world can convince me to change and let go of my freedom to fall on my knees for demanding gods.
Man was not designed to believe in other men's faith, but in his own... Rules and forced praising of human made icons is my hell... so I don't want your prayers... Merely your understanding, instead of a cheesy label as "Christian hater".

Your insolent idea... That I will go to YOUR religions hell or heaven is just damn childish! Have you even considered that they might not exist at all, or at least not to people who don’t give a crap about your book? You also think all the Muslims and Buddhist will go to hell?... You should really try to think for yourself once.
stigmatattoo Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
You also think all the Muslims and Buddhist will go to hell?

as a matter of fact, she does. or should if she's such a zealot as she seems. it is part of the christian dogma: other religion's good things have been inspired by god but are only complete and pure in christianity, and their low points (or whatever conflicts with chistianity) are evidence of their essential wrongness. it's a fail-safe stance, huh?
twisted stuff, well done.+
Twisted-Otaku Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2007
I know you're not, but don't listen to guys like that -_- people wonder why most people in the world hate or at least look down on Americans, he/she sounds like one and I can say that because I'm one to : /
sididis Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2007
When you go nuts with a Mac-10 and a chainsaw on a campus somewhere and after the body count has been totted up, so called experts will point to this picture as a warning sign and ask why no-one reacted at the time.

So....are you in the market for a Mac-10, only been used once before? Its got a little blood on it but it'll come off with a dab of acetone.
Fealasy Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
STI Tactical 5.0 Now that's pretty. ^^

I can't belive they use the word "danger signs" atall, He was damn good at keeping it all within, and his plays where, sorry to say, just boring teenage rage rants, I'm amazed that the teacher hadn't seen tons of writings like that before.

But hey, weird writings DO get the teachers attention, I had to go to a shrink at my school because of some drawings n' writings. But now, away from the school system, everything I do, no matter how fucked up things I draw, it's barely "professional art work".
Just think of the book "American Psycho" If that was written buy a guy in a school system he'd had his head cut off, but in the working world, it's just top dollar. :D
sididis Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2007
Well at least they didn't blame Marilyn Manson for it this time.

If you haven't yet read it, do yourself a favor and read "Headcrusher" written by Alexander Garros and Aleksei Evdokimov , its the Russian equivalent to American Psycho.

I adore your art and toons, keep being nuts, it seems to be working.
LaFaerie Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2007   Photographer
It's very powerful.
ink-imp Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2007  Professional General Artist
kickass drawing there! Great to be seeing your new work once again. Love the influencial soap bars
Estallo-en-Impacto Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2007
uy! political sponges!
Rottencrusties Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2007
you never stop inspiring me! i would soooo get this as a tattoo
inkspiral Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2007
Very nice. I'm really fond of the angles you use in your artwork.
I fav'ed it because I like the little piece of prose in your description so much. :)

borg-girl Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2007
twisted, but in the best possible way.
Gener Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Agreed. Let them drown in the shit they spew and let us draw what we want and fly our own flags.
Arkangel007 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2007   General Artist
i like how the background is grey. it really helps with making the color pop.
blackbirdpie Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2007
Fealasy Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I defiantly wasn't feeling angst doing it, it was more, "yay yay yay! Fuck I'm good at guts!"
tawfi2 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2007  Professional General Artist
very very good one "Riana" :aww:
MastaAzumarek Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007  Student Digital Artist
hmm... i wudn't do that per say... but i'll do what i want :D, just not that =P
oh-harley Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007  Professional
its when you do things like this that makes me love your style :D
jan0ch Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
jbskycastle Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007  Student Filmographer
my my my, this picture is loverly
LadyRavenShadow Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
This is bad ass! I love it!
bloodspot Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
what is that quote from?
Fealasy Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
bloodspot Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2007
:heart: your amazing
Xero-Tau Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
Berjj Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
I love how insane and twisted it looks, and the describtion is pretty neat as well. =)
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