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September 10, 2006
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Let's do the atom bomb dance. by Fealasy Let's do the atom bomb dance. by Fealasy
Comission work for a guy at my new job, so you can't have prints of it, so don't ask for it.

Used a reference for the atombomb, and my gosh, I'd so like to see one irl... It looks so neat. :D Wouldn't be the worst way to go.

I'd also like to dive with a huge whale and see a tonado close up before I die.
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I feel compelled to say something since my grandmother lost half of her family to the atom bomb. Everyone who said it wasn't such a terrible way to go, educate yourselves. People who were hit immediately died, and even they burned for a fraction of a moment. Those who weren't so lucky died slow and agonizing deaths, their skin melted off their bodies, their bodies were charred and unrecognizable. Those who survived had extreme PTSD and serious medical conditions. My grandmothers cousin was in a hospital when my grandmother visited her for the last time, she was wrapped in bandages because all of her skin was gone. She had told my grandmother simply that she wanted to die. People are still dying from after effects from the bomb, it's not just cancer, I suggest you look up grave of the fireflies or sadako and the thousand paper cranes before you decide to do a piece like this again. Not to belittle you or anything but seriously, its not okay. People suffered so much, my grandmother still has nightmares and can barely talk about it. Everyone who commented and thought it was super cool, its not, its tragic and terrible. Respect and honor those who died.
StarFaerieNomad Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is an interesting piece, and I really like the lighting, but there's one thing that bothers me.

"It looks so neat. Wouldn't be the worst way to go." I suggest you look up some of the testimonies of people who had an atomic bomb dropped on them, and re-think that statement. The whole "insta-death" thing you might be thinking of only happened to the lucky.

I'm not saying it to be rude, but when people say things like this, it shows that they don't understand what these bombs really do.
awesome...<clunk> i just fainted.
FluffyTheGreat Jul 31, 2011  Student General Artist
Creepy, but awesome :D
lol, that'd freaking awesome...
The look on their faces just sends chills down my back...
but hell yeah, best way to go, don't have to feel anything.. basically painless.. :)
"Wouldn't be the worst way to go" = damn right! (cancer?)
JohannVonDrachenberg Jan 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Zbook123 Dec 2, 2010
"Ring around the rosie. Pockets full of posie. Ashes. Ashes. We all. Fall. DOWN..."
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