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March 29, 2004
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The Mare by Fealasy The Mare by Fealasy
Acording to old myths. A nightmare is caused by The Mare. A demon like creature that sneaks unto your bed a night and takes a ride on you. A mental trip to nightmare land, and you're the horse of The Mare ofcuz....

*yuffyo gik gik*

(Wonders if the color green is a fealasy's new fav color) :hmm:

large version plz.
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Araken-Starway Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007  Student Photographer
interesting . . .
DyNaMICReSiStAnCE Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2005
yes.. lol you do do rather well with those colors ;)
deathjanissary Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004
mmmmmmmm......the creatures of the night, how I love it. bwahahahahaha. :devilish:
Miss-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2004
One night, I woke up and kicked the shit out of this thing (I had to work the next day and had no time to put up with its company).
Filthy bugger offered me a bunch of cool stuff if I let it go, and being a material-boy, I took the offer.
But all the stuff was made of fairy dust, and the next day it all dissapated.

So, if you see'm around, tell'm he owes me some new stuff.
opcd Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
loved reading the description... wonderful work
riramu Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2004
that's a very good picture, like many others you have in your gallery!
Crimzonarch Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2004
I like the lighted smoke. I can't do it right. For this I am jealous.
sap Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2004
wow, hadn't heard that before...interesting take on what the creature would look like,though. And the values, gotta love 'em. I love how everything is so murky and of similar color, and then there are the lights all around and on the clock. Realllly like the lighting effects, yup :thumbsup:
azrael0033 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
and also the reason for sleep paralysis, becuz the weight of the demon on top of you....
Dearheart Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
ahh i never heard that myth before.. and I love, and sometimes believe in, myths :D this is a new and cool one.. I guess the mare comes to me alot.. cause normally I dont dream at all.. and when I do, it's always a nightmare.. so I guess I am lucky till once in a while.. havent dreamed in like a month though, so I ok by it :D

I love how this picture is.. great imagination to go along with the myth :D
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